The Little Dragon Family,

For those who haven’t heard, at the January 25th school board meeting the interim title was removed, and I was named the official Principal of Collierville Elementary School. I do not over exaggerate when I say that besides marrying my wife and adopting my girls, this was one of the greatest moments of my life. I don’t say those words because I got a job I wanted, but rather that it means I am permanently part of the family that I have come to love. What makes this school great isn’t the classrooms, technology, activities, or accolades that we earn, but rather the families that make the Collierville Elementary the best. Thank you for all your support up to now and into the future.

We have started our social media campaign to build the CES Hall of Fame! Our goal is to fill the wall going into the cafeteria from the main part of the building with people who went to CES and have gone on to do something great. We want our students to see people who were where they are now and went on to achieve their dreams to remind them that they too can do what they set their mind to. The form to submit names is on our school website, Twitter, and PTA Facebook account. Please help us spread the word!

As is typical for this time of year, we have some students that are dealing with colds, flu, and fever. If your child is sick, we ask that you please keep them home to help us keep our school as germ free as possible. This year, the state of Tennessee Department of Education decided that any student who is out of school for ten percent of the school year for any reason (excused or unexcused) would be classified as chronically absent. We still want you to keep your child home when they are sick, but we ask you make an extra effort to make sure that when your child is healthy, they are here at school. For more information on chronic absenteeism, please go to

I am always a phone call or email away. I try to frequently post and share some of the great things going on at school on the CES Twitter account. You can follow us at @CESLittleDragon.

Every Dragon. Every Day.

Tyler Salyer

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