Common Mission: 
Collierville Elementary strives to provide a secure environment which challenges students academically and allows them to be confident, self-directed learners and leaders.


Several components must exist in order to maintain an exemplary school which develops a secure and challenging learning environment. Faculty and staff at Collierville Elementary provide a learning environment which is conducive to developing the intellectual, physical, and emotional potential of each student. Collierville Elementary stakeholders understand that all students can learn, and thus are responsive to the unique learning styles of every student. Therefore, Collierville Elementary establishes high expectations of all students in order to maintain levels of understanding. Collierville Elementary  is a learning community, where educators reflect upon teaching practices for the purpose of professional growth and the continued enhancement of quality instruction.

Shared Vision: 
Collierville Elementary understands the importance of a school/community connection that is conducive to a high performing academic environment. Collierville Elementary views stakeholders as colleagues, with whom collaboration is vital in order to establish clear purpose and direction in maintaining an exceptional school. This collaboration fosters shared decision-making ad encourages participation from all stakeholders. Collierville Elementary is built upon research-based data driven decisions. Internal and external communication ensures alignment of policies and procedures to maintain the development of the school as a community of learners and leaders .

Current Board Members:

President Amanda Cantrell president@mycespta.org
Past President Milly Mount pastpresident@mycespta.org
Vice President Laura Wiseman vicepresident@mycespta.org
Secretary Jami Dickens secretary@mycespta.org
Treasurer Brooke McDuffy treasurer@mycespta.org
Parliamentarian Melissa Brown parliamentarian@mycespta.org
Communications Emily Clemmer communications@mycespta.org
Cultural Arts Anne Calderwood culturalarts@mycespta.org
Dragon Wear Ashley Wagner dragonwear@mycespta.org
Family Events Kimberly Allen familyevents@mycespta.org
Fundraising Events Andrea McGhee fundraisingevents@mycespta.org
Fundraising Sponsor Katie Cockrell fundraisingsponsor@mycespta.org
Health & Safety Amanda Spencer healthandsafety@mycespta.org
Historian Isabel Giraldo historian@mycespta.org
Hospitality Rachel Davis hospitality@mycespta.org
Legislative Autumn Freidel legislative@mycespta.org
Membership Stephanie McGavic membership@mycespta.org
Special Events Amber Bach specialevents@mycespta.org
Volunteer Coordinator Allyson McLean volunteercoordinator@mycespta.org
Parent Involvement Whitney Thrower parentinvolvement@mycespta.org

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