The Collierville Elementary PTA is teaming up with our school’s faculty to help supply our classrooms and to provide an easy way to gift our teachers. Click the staff members name below to view their Amazon Wishlist. By using the provided Smile.Amazon link, 0.5% of your purchase will also be given back to Collierville Elementary PTA. This will provide even more opportunities for our school!

Thank you so much for your support and appreciation!

*We are adding links as we get them. If your teachers info is not linked yet it will be updated as soon as we get it.*


Michael Ruiz- Principal

Sheree Perez- Assistant Principal

Deb Snowden- Assistant Principal

Administrative Support Staff

Julie McCarthy- Financial Secretary

Felicia Cambre- Receptionist/ Medical Records

Kittie Loynachan- Powerschool/ Attendance

Shannon Phillips- DEC Clerical

LAMPS and Specialist

Jessie Hanks- Art

Paul Miller- Art

Eugenia Bernard-Library

Bryan Finley- Music

Susan Land- Music

Gina Fanning- P.E.

Richard Muse- P.E.

Tracy Wolfe- STEM

Bethany Holland- Counselor

Thomas Stafford- Counselor

Staci Jones- ESL

Dana Barchak- Interventionist

Beth Mullen- Interventionist

Austyn Scruggs- ITF Technology

Torrence Myers- STS Technology

Katherine Perry- PLC Coach

Dept. of Exceptional Children

Tiffany Wuzzardo- Gifted

Dana Wilson- Occupational Therapy

Ana Farris- Occupational Therapy

Callie Bauleke- Physical Therapy

Devon Jaffe- Pre-School

Raven Freeman- Pre-School

Jessica Mosteller- Psychologist

Emma Willard- Resource S

Adam Poole- Resource S

Alicia Jones- Resource A

Meg Payne- Resource A

Shelly Springer- Speech

Debbie Herring- Speech


Crystal Bauman- Gen Ed.

Calvin Booker- Gen Ed.

Ritta Buntyn- Gen Ed.

Cindy Deweese- Gen Ed.

Denise Esparza- Gen Ed.

Elizabeth Florio- Gen Ed.

Alison Babish- DEC

Britni Corrigan- DEC

Dianne Davis- DEC

Kim Driver- DEC

Betsy Edrington-DEC

Lara Hynes- DEC

Laura Marflack-DEC

Lucy Murphy-DEC

Casey Reynolds- DEC

Trena Wiseman-DEC

Joe Keohane- Permanent Sub

Bronwen Kirk- Library

Jennifer Maree-Intervention

Lisa Plunkett- Intervention

Hope Umsted- Intervention

Building Operations

Bret Ford- Plant Manager

Cortez Loggins- School Resource Officer

Amberlee Snell- School Nurse

Keri Hunsucker- School Nurse


Sandra Miller- Cafeteria Manager

Sharonda Walker- Nutrition Technician

Anita Ramussen- Nutrition Technician

Dulce Silva- Nutrition Technician

Kathryn Terrell- Cafeteria Monitor